The Rehabilitation Center is established in order to offer help (diagnostics, counseling, rehabilitation, etc.) to children born with damages and children from risk groups as well as to their parents.

Based on interdisciplinary approach the Institute is directed towards early diagnosis, early therapy and rehabilitation, as well as early social integration of these children and their families. Since the Rehabilitation Center as a department at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation is an open Center with an interdisciplinary approach, experts from various fields such as special education teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists and socio-therapists work there.

Center for Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation was founded in 1995 with aim to serve as educational facility as well as for the rehabilitation activity.

The Department for Developmental Rehabilitation developed first in collaboration with German-Croatian Association “Sunčev sjaj” (Sunshine). Through Institute for Early Communication the research, clinical and educational activity is being performed. The Department has been specialized for pre-speech and early speech communication and their disorders. The Chief of Department is professor Marta Ljubešić, Ph.D.

The Department for special rehabilitation programs has Institute for Montessori therapy, Institute for Speech Pathology, Institute for Visual Impairment and Institute for psycho-motoric stimulation (stimulation of new centers in the central nervous system). The Counseling Unit is active since 1997. Senka Sardelić, Ph.D., assistant professor, is Chief of department.

The Counseling Unit is designed for children with special needs up to 12 years of age, to the:

  • children with hearing impairment
  • children with mental retardation
  • children with autism
  • children with retarded development
  • children with motoric disorders and chronic illnesses
  • children with behavior disorders
  • children with speech disorders
  • children with visual impairment
  • also to their families and professionals who work with them.

The professional help are offered for the children, family and professionals:

  • individual work
  • group work
  • individualized program for work with the child at home
  • individualized work with the family members
  • work with the whole family
  • group work
  • counseling in educational and rehabilitation activities

Responsibilities of the Center are also to coordinate the activities inside the existing system of care (education system, health system, social welfare) and to develop new alternative forms of care.

The Counseling Unit is financed by the Ministry of Work and Social Care, and other Institutes are funded by donations and through direct charges for the services to parents.

The Center for Rehabilitation is collaborating closely with other Centers for rehabilitation in Croatia and with health institutions, and parent organizations.


Rehabilitation Centre
Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, University of Zagreb
Kušlanova 59, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Tel.: +385-1-2338022
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