Cochlear Implantation

Cochlear implantation

Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the benefits that the senses, particularly hearing, offer. Some people cannot hear music or speech. Others can hear music, but they cannot fully experience its beauty, because they cannot hear all the sonic frequencies and cannot distinguish between a drum and a violin. Until recently, these people used various hearing aids, like amplifiers which make it possible for a person with a hearing defect to better hear the sounds that their ears can detect. In some cases, this is not enough, because if there is serious damage in the area of some frequencies, they cannot be heard, no matter how much the sound is amplified. More ›

Our Experiences

Our Experiences

According to statistics, one out of every 1,000 children is born with either a serious hearing defect or deaf; and one out of every 500 children loses the ability to hear by the age of five. We do not even have to mention those people whose hearing slowly deteriorates with age. They are many. Most of them can compensate for their lost auditory sense with an electronic device called the cochlear implant, which has been implanted into the auditory systems of 20,000 people around the world today. Ana is one of those people. More ›

About the Association

The Association of parents of children with cochlear implants was founded in December 1999, with the objective of dealing with serious lifestyle, medical and social problems, as well as issues of rehabilitation, education and integration of children with cochlear implants into the world of hearing people. The parents' goal is to combine efforts in changing a situation which has, in our view, remained the same for years, despite the fact that the deaf can regain hearing with the aid of the cochlear implant. More ›

Rehabilitation in croatia

The Rehabilitation Center is established in order to offer help (diagnostics, counseling, rehabilitation, etc.) to children born with damages and children from risk groups as well as to their parents. Based on interdisciplinary approach the Institute is directed towards early diagnosis, early therapy and rehabilitation, as well as early social integration of these children and their families. More ›

The SUVAG Polyclinic is a health institution dealing with specialistic consultative health protection of persons with problems of speech communication. In medical diagnostics and rehabilitation of the hearing and speech impaired (hearing impairments, undevelopped or underdevelopped speech, voice and speech disorders), theoretic hypothesis, methodic procedures and electroacoustic equipment of the verbotonal method are aplied. More ›