The Baby is Born

Ana, a wanted baby girl, was born on 17 Dec 1996. She was a healthy child and all her tests and checks gave excellent results. Like many newborns, she developed jaundice while being in the maternity hospital, which was a normal thing for doctors and unsettling for us. They said it was nothing to worry about. They treated her eyes, which became infected, with antibiotics; there was something wrong with her lachrymal ducts. She left the hospital with normal medical findings. Our cozy home in the suburbs, where we had lived for four years, suddenly became a little cramped, and the fact that we lived on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator proved to be a major disadvantage.

Suzana and Ana

Ana lived by the usual newborn-baby cycles: feeding – diaper change – sleeping, and we adjusted to her rhythm. She changed our life for the better. We used to tiptoe and whisper so as not to wake her and then we got used to the fact the she slept soundly and started to talk normally. Ana thrived in accordance with our expectations and the medical standards. At times, she would be content or indifferent, lively or calm, playful or curious. She reciprocated smiles and laughed and cried loudly, depending on her mood. Over the first six months, she would utter sounds like "gu", "mm", "bb", "rrr", "kkk", "am", "mam" and "aaaa", like all babies do. We sang to her, entertained her with rattling toys and baby-talked to her. Little musical toys were there to lull her to sleep.

Soon, her mother became suspicious and concerned about Ana's hearing. She shared her doubts with the pediatrician when Ana was just three months old. However, the doctor responded by dismissing her suggestions nonchalantly and performing a simple test that was to prove that there was nothing wrong with her hearing. The doctor spoke highly of Ana's progress and we left her office with our minds at ease. Finally, when we tested her hearing by banging and making loud noise, she would sometimes turn around and react, but it was more a coincidence and wishful thinking on our part then the reality. We convinced ourselves that this was just her character. We believed the doctor who said that everything was fine.

At Easter-time, Ana was christened in Evangelic Lutheran Church.