According to statistics, one out of every 1,000 children is born with either a serious hearing defect or deaf; and one out of every 500 children loses the ability to hear by the age of five. We do not even have to mention those people whose hearing slowly deteriorates with age. They are many. Most of them can compensate for their lost auditory sense with an electronic device called the cochlear implant, which has been implanted into the auditory systems of 20,000 people around the world today. Ana is one of those people.

The purpose of this text is to provide information for the parents of deaf children and those who wish to know more about experiences with cochlear implants in children. Since it was written before our memories began to fade away, it is also meant for Ana. For her, it should not be a mere recapitulation of events she does not remember, but an incentive to share her experience with those who need it.

This story is our way of saying thanks to many people, some of whom are mentioned in the text, but also to those who only remained in our hearts and minds.

Since this story is a part of our intimate family and medical history, it is not permitted to quote, reproduce or publish the text or images, partially or completely, in any form or by any means, without the written consent of the author.

Enes Midžić