• Dr. Mihovil Roglić, chairman
  • Boris Miljak, vice-chairman
  • Prof. Enes Midžić, secretary
    mob. ++385 98 221606, tel./fax. ++385 1 4611944
  • Snježana Mlakar, treasurer
  • Branko Tumpa, member

Steering Committee

  • Slavko Bekavac, president
  • Davor Sajko, member
  • Željko Kušević, member


Udruga roditelja djece s kohlearnim implantom
Varšavska 4, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

Goals and Activities

The Association of parents of children with cochlear implants was founded in December 1999, with the objective of dealing with serious lifestyle, medical and social problems, as well as issues of rehabilitation, education and integration of children with cochlear implants into the world of hearing people. The parents' goal is to combine efforts in changing a situation which has, in our view, remained the same for years, despite the fact that the deaf can regain hearing with the aid of the cochlear implant.

After overcoming numerous difficulties that each parent faces when striving to improve the life and the status of the hearing-impaired child, we founded the Association in order to protect and promote common humanitarian, educational, social, health, scientific and other interests, goals and beliefs, without any intention to gain profit for our members.

The Association achieves its goals through the following activities:

  • initiating amendments to laws, regulations and provisions which fail to recognize or support the needs of hearing-impaired persons for the application of medical technology which can help them to hear;
  • establishing and maintaining co-operation between the parents of children with cochlear implants, and with professionals, institutions and associations in Croatia and abroad;
  • informing the members and the general public about problems faced by children with cochlear implants and their families;
  • informing parents/guardians about rights and options in social and health care;
  • encouraging the education and advanced training of persons who work in the area of rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants;
  • encouraging the establishment of the necessary institutions (e.g. kindergartens, educational and work institutions with adapted programs, integration and healthcare institutions etc.);
  • organizing expert meetings, conferences, seminars etc;
  • organizing events for children with cochlear implants in co-operation with experts (cultural and sports activities, play groups, etc.);
  • publishing activities in line with the goals and aims of the Association (dispensing information, co-operation in translating professional literature) in accordance with the law;
  • carrying out other tasks with the object of improving and bringing quality to the lives of children with cochlear implants and their families;
  • helping the parents of hearing-impaired children to obtain information and purchase the sound processor and the cochlear implant.